5th Composition – Barack Hussein Obama

Novembre 10, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama



Barack Hussein Obama Jr. was born in Honolulu, Hawai in 1961, and now he has 47 years old. Obama is the son of Kenyan father and mother America.

 He is a graduate in political science from the University of Columbia and graduated in law from Harvard University.

At now He is a political in the U.S.A. First he was senator Illinois at this moment is the president in United Estats of America since 4 de november 2008.

On 20 of January in 2009 Obama will be assume the presency of the united states.

Obama is married with Michelle Obama, she helped and suport him during the time he was a candidate.

In 1996 obama began in the politics, in this year he was elected as a senator for the Chicago in Illinois.

 He was governed Il•liniois during 1998 and 2002. in July 2004 Obama gave a speech where he said that I wanted to be a candidate for the presidency of the United States At first he won Alan Keyes, and then Obama won Hillary Clinton, in primary elections.

On August 22 called on Joe Biden as a candidate for the vice presidency.

His Republican opponent in the presidential elections of November 4, 2008 was the senator from Arizona John McCain.


And finally he won the eleccions in united States for 338 electoral votes and McCain lose for 163 electoral votes.


If you search in google now and write Obama, you will watch that there are 220,000,000 tickets.


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