Second Composition – Paul Newman

Novembre 10, 2008

Paul Newman, was born on January 26, 1925, was an actor, director and producer in the United States. 
Newman got married with Jacky Witte and divorced in 1958. Jacky is the mother of his children Scott, Susan and Stephany.  Joan Woodward was his second wife. 


He received an Oscar in 1985 and another in 1986. Newman won four Golden Globes. Between 1970 and 1990, drove the team to Bob Sharp Racing and won many victories and championships. In 1983, Newman was also co-founded with Carl Haas of Newman / Haas Racing.

In 1982 he founded Paul Newman” (Newman’s Own) “, and to dressing for salads. The benefits given to the charity. So far they have given 200 million dollars in donations. 

He founded the Scott Newman center, in memory of his son and there help to assist and protect victims of the drug.
In 1978 he represented his country at the UN Conference on Disarmament. In 1990 he was named “Father of the Year” by UNICEF. 

Also, he founded a series of summer camps for children with illnesses. Thanks to their initiative, 15,000 children each year enjoy the leisure and wellness offering summer camps, Hole in the Wall Camps. Free camps are subsidized by more than 42,000 entities and individuals around the world.


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